Nail Extension Gel Set

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Say goodbye to weak nails with our Nail Extension Gel Set! Perfect for both professional and personal use, this manicure set allows you to easily apply the semi-permanent UV varnish of your choosing. To start, gently file your nail surface and then apply a very thin layer and cure it under UV/LED lights. Then select an appropriate size false nail tip before applying the gel to the nail mold. Paste it onto your real nail and make sure it is completely stuck before curing it under UV/LED lights. Cut and shape with a nail clipper and repair with a file before finishing with a top coat that is cured under UV/LED lights. With our extensions you'll enjoy durable, shiny nails without ever having to worry about breakage again!



Name: Nail Extension Gel Set
Product Weight: About 15g
Applicable Crowd: General
Skin Type: Normal
Net Product Content: 15ml

Package Included:
Extension Gel Set