Désir Linen Trousers - Pantalona Model with Pockets and Elastane Coz

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Our Désir Linen Trousers make for the perfect wardrobe staple, no matter the occasion. Made with lightweight, cooling fabric that gives an extra touch of flexibility, our pantalona model with pockets and elastane coz options allows you to stay comfortable throughout whatever your day has in store. Whether it’s a long day in the office or a special evening out on the town, you’ll be sure to look and feel stylish while wearing these pockets and elastane coz trousers. Easily combine them with heels, flat sandals or even sneakers to get your signature style and walk with confidence every day. Crafted with quality materials that are soft to the touch and made to last, these trousers should become a top pick for any modern wardrobe. Look polished and professional at work or dress them up for more formal occasions—you can count on Désir to keep you in style!



Casual Style
Decoration: Pockets
Material: Cotton + Polyester
Waist Closure: Elastic